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Five Tips to Make Your Windows Computer Run Smoothly

September 24 '2015

Is your Windows computer starting to feel sluggish? Do you long for the days of a faster machine? At All Covered, the molasses-like Windows machines we’ve fixed have convinced us that the great majority of such cases can be solved with minor tweaking that can be done in a few hours or less. Before calling us, try these five tips out: these will likely put the spring back in your Windows computer’s step.

1. Remove Unused Programs
Is your computer full of video games you’ve grown bored of, productivity applications you’ve found better versions of, or programs you only needed for completed projects? Get rid of old programs you no longer use. These programs can take up hard drive space and run background tasks that slow down your computer.

2. Scan for Viruses Often
Not all viruses are the obvious, system-destroying kind. In fact, malware that isn’t obvious can pose the[...]

Technology Trends: 5 Leading Areas of IT Investment

September 24 '2015

We’ve talked before about IT’s expanding role and contributions to business operations; now we are looking at the IT provider – business partner relationship from the client’s perspective. Even there, the rules have changed: organizational leadership’s growing affection with technology has ensured IT’s continued seat at the table, and its involvement in long-term planning and strategy.

Projected IT investment reinforces this; according to Computerworld’s Forecast 2015, 43 percent of IT executives expected to increase spending this year. But where do executives plan to capitalize? And are IT providers prepared to adequately meet these needs? Let’s review the top five areas where IT executives expect to—and do—invest.

1. Security[...]