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IT Support

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Cloud Solutions

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Technology that is best for your business

Ever get the feeling that your IT service provider’s not necessarily giving you the best solution for your business?  Maybe there are better options they lack the experience or flexibility to consider?  With the vast amount of services and equipment available on the market, and the wide range of wants and needs companies can have, it is very important to partner with a provider who is not a one trick pony.

SOMOS specializes in solutions from Microsoft, Google, Apple, 3COM, Cisco and many more brands tailored to fit virtually any need. We’ll evaluate the specifics of your business and custom-design a setup across various providers that will ensure you can move forward with confidence that your needs are being met by the most appropriate technology available.


Server Support - We're watching 24/7

While that’s not necessarily a phrase you want to hear in all aspects of your life, when it comes to ensuring the backbone of your business is always functional, it’s vital. Our software monitors your critical equipment, processes, and security so we'll know if there’s a problem with your equipment before you do, ensuring your business has no interruptions.  Your data will always be protected and routinely backed up, and these components carefully tracked to ensure they’re always in shape.

Remote Support

Whether it’s a major technical emergency or you lose your phone and need your work email up and running on the replacement the same day, we're available to you via a variety of methods.  We can resolve the vast majority of technical issues and questions via remote sessions, telephone, Skype or the SOMOS ticketing system.  Common remote support needs we can resolve include:
  • Computer error codes
  • Printer problems
  • Password resets
  • Internet / Network down
  • Software installations


As even their name implies, workstations really should... work.  This is the productivity of your business, the salaries you pay, the mobile offices that we carry around as parts of our lives.  Without reliable workstations and quick support, your focus shifts from working with your computer to working around your computer.  Workstations supported by SOMOS will run virus/malware free, be kept up to date, maintain regular backups, stay secure, and of course get fast support from us via remote session or onsite visit.

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